Home Improvement: One of the 1990`s Top-Rated TV Sitcoms

Home Improvement was created by Carmen Finestra, Matt Williams, and David McFadzean, It was among the 1990`s top-rated American TV sitcoms. The show featured Tim Allen as Tim, the head of the Tailor family, Patricia Richardson who acted as Tim’s wife and their three children . Earl Hindman was cast as the go to neighbor who often participated in solving many of the Tailor`s family issues.


The TV series portrays Tim as overambitious and witty with a weird sense of humor. Jill was the firmest figure of the two and assisted Tim in parenting their three children Mark, Randy, and Brad. Although the story evolved around basic family feuds, Tim has a home improvement show called ‘Tool Time’ in which he co-hosted with his friend Al Borland where they discussed tools. The two presenters were often a subject of mockery due to the erroneous nature of Tim the tool man ( Tim Allen). The TV sitcom generally evolved around Tim and his endeavors, whether home issues or issues around ‘TooL Time.’

Tim Allen as Tim The Toolman

Awards, Achievements and Nominations

The show was originally released in September 1991 in ABC, and the final episode was aired on May 1999 after an incredible 204 twenty-two minute episodes. The show was structured to target a wide audience with parents represented with Tim and Jill. Pamela Anderson like Tim Allen launched her career in the series although she left for Bay-Watch after the initial seasons.

  • Home Improvement won 8 consecutive ASCAP Top Tv Series Award from 1992-2000
  • Tim Allen won individual People`s Choice Awards from 1992-1999 where he was voted as favorite Male TV performer.
  • Home Improvement won four People`s Choice Awards from 1992-1995
  • The show had four Prime-time Emmy Awards nominations between 1993 and 1995. It received 3 further nominations between 1996 and 1998.

Rated as one of the top-rated American Sitcoms of the 90`s, Home Improvement was funny, witty and above all entertaining enough to glue viewers for a whopping 8 seasons.

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Cast of Home Improvement

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