All In The Family, Highlights of Season 1 to Season 3

The Nielsen evaluated program from 1971-1976, “All In The Family” is fundamentally one of the very best TV programs ever. Pushed by The Honeymooners and The Flintstones, The program incorporates its own particular rambunctious mouthed, stiff-necked big talker wearing a covered fragile and sensitive side. Like Ralph-Kramden and Fred-Flintstone, Archie-Bunker fulfills his part to outright flawlessness. Carefully made and absolute cunning, The show kicked things off in the 70’s with its availability to handle all the social issues and societal taboos of its day. Focuses included partiality, zeal, sexism, homosexuality, end, and other namby-pam, socialist and liberal-ladies’ lobbyist contemplations (or if nothing else that is the way by which Archie would put it!) A titan among TV sitcoms, the show delivered two or three shows which bested the evaluations in their own specific right – Maude and The Jeffersons…

Carroll O’Connor accept the piece of Archie-Bunker, the primary pioneer of the Bunker family. Rambunctious and harsh, Archie energetically allocates his narrow-minded remarks and incognizant comments from the family room of his Queens, New York home. Joining Archie is his valuing and ditsy life partner Edith (Jean Stapelton), his flawless and element young lady Gloria (Sally Struthers), and her ultra-liberal spouse Mike (Rob Reiner) whom Archie insinuates as “Meathead”. As Gloria and Mike’s available day contemplations struggle with Archie’s old school feelings, significant inconvenience ascends to the surface in the Bunker family, yet the Bunkers don’t contribute all their vitality fighting as they’re unavoidably held together by the invariable force of significant commitment…

Carroll O’Connor as Archie Bunker

The ”All In The Family” highlights various amusing scenes including the season debut “Meet the Bunkers” in which it’s Edith and Archie’s commemoration, and Edith figures out how to drag a hesitant Archie to chapel. In the interim, Mike and Gloria work extra time to make a festival the Bunkers will always remember… Other eminent scenes from Season 1 incorporate “Archie Gives Blood” in which Archie declines to partake in the blood drive since he’s apprehensive about having his blood blended with that of another race, and “Edith Has Jury Duty” in which Edith’s conviction to hold unfaltering as the solitary hearer for a respondent’s quittance demonstrates redress when the genuine guilty party approaches…

Below is a list of episodes included on the TV program Season 1:

1 (Meet the Bunkers) -Air Date: 01-12-1971

2 (Writing the President) -Air Date: 01-19-1971

3 (Oh, My Aching Back) -Air Date: 01-26-1971

4 (Archie Gives Blood) -Air Date: 02-02-1971

5 (Judging Books By Covers) -Air Date: 02-09-1971

6 (Gloria’s Pregnancy) -Air Date: 02-16-1971

7 (Mike’s Hippie Friends Come to Visit) -Air Date: 02-23-1971

8 (Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood) -Air Date: 03-02-1971

9 (Edith Has Jury Duty) -Air Date: 03-09-1971

10 (Archie is Worried About His Job) -Air Date: 03-16-1971

11 (Gloria Discovers Women’s Lib) -Air Date: 03-23-1971

12 (Success Story) -Air Date: 03-30-1971

13 (The First and Last Supper) -Air Date: 04-06-1971

“The All In The Family” Season 2 offers a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere “The Saga of Cousin Oscar” in which Archie’s Cousin Oscar arrives in Queens for a visit. Considering him a lazy, do-nothing, Archie isn’t pleased to be playing host to Oscar (whom we never actually see), and the irritation is further amplified when Oscar dies in the upstairs bedroom. Now mourners fill Archie’s house, and he must decide how to plan a funeral… Other notable episodes from Season 2 include “Edith Writes A Song” in which Archie purchases a handgun for protection only to have two robbers use it against him, and “The Election Story” in which Mike and Gloria vociferously campaign for the liberal candidate while Archie throws his hat in with the opposition candidate…

Below is a list of episodes included on the “All In The Family” Season 2:

14 (The Saga of Cousin Oscar) -Air Date: 09-18-1971

15 (Gloria Poses in the Nude) -Air Date: 09-25-1971

16 (Archie and the Lock-Up) -Air Date: 10-02-1971

17 (Edith Writes a Song) -Air Date: 10-09-1971

18 (Flashback: Mike Meets Archie) -Air Date: 10-16-1971

19 (The Election Story) -Air Date: 10-30-1971

20 (Edith’s Accident) -Air Date: 11-06-1971

21 (The Blockbuster) -Air Date: 11-13-1971

22 (Mike’s Problem) -Air Date: 11-20-1971

23 (The Insurance is Canceled) -Air Date: 11-27-1971

24 (The Man in the Street) -Air Date: 12-04-1971

25 (Cousin Maude’s Visit) -Air Date: 12-11-1971

26 (Christmas Day at the Bunkers’) -Air Date: 12-18-1971

27 (The Elevator Story) Air Date: 01-01-1972

28 (Edith’s Problem) -Air Date: 01-08-1972

29 (Archie and the FBI) -Air Date: 01-15-1972

30 (Mike’s Mysterious Son) -Air Date: 01-22-1972

31 (Archie Sees a Mugging) -Air Date: 01-29-1972

32 (Archie and Edith Alone) -Air Date: 02-05-1972

33 (Edith Gets a Mink) -Air Date: 02-12-1972

34 (Sammy’s Visit) -Air Date: 02-19-1972

35 (Edith, the Judge) -Air Date: 02-26-1972

36 (Archie is Jealous) -Air Date: 03-04-1972

37 (Maude) Air Date: 03-11-1972

”The All In The Family” Season 3 features a number of hilarious episodes including the season premiere “Archie and the Editorial” in which Archie ardently defends his anti-gun control views on a TV editorial show, only to be held up by a pair of muggers wielding a gun when he leaves the station. The incident causes Archie to transform into a gun control advocate… Other notable episodes from Season 3 include “Lionel Steps Out” in which Lionel Jefferson takes Archie’s niece out on the town (peeving Archie who believes whites and blacks don’t mix), and “Mike’s Appendix” in which Archie and Gloria fight over the credentials of female doctors when Mike is forced to have an emergency appendectomy…

Below is a list of episodes included on the ”All In The Family” Season 3:

38 (Archie and the Editorial) -Air Date: 09-16-1972

39 (Archie’s Fraud) -Air Date: 09-23-1972

40 (The Threat) -Air Date: 09-30-1972

41 (Gloria and the Riddle) -Air Date: 10-07-1972

42 (Lionel Steps Out) -Air Date: 10-14-1972

43 (Edith Flips Her Whig) -Air Date: 10-21-1972

44 (The Bunkers and the Swingers) -Air Date: 10-28-1972

45 (Mike Comes Into Money) -Air Date: 11-04-1972

46 (Flashback: Mike and Gloria’s Wedding: Part 1) -Air Date: 11-11-1972

47 (Flashback: Mike and Gloria’s Wedding: Part 2) -Air Date: 11-18-1972

48 (The Locket) -Air Date: 11-23-1972

49 (Mike’s Appendix) -Air Date: 12-02-1972

50 (Edith’s Winning Ticket) -Air Date: 12-09-1972

51 (Archie and the Bowling Team) -Air Date: 12-16-1972

52 (Archie in the Hospital) -Air Date: 01-06-1973

53 (Oh Say Can You See) -Air Date: 01-20-1973

54 (Archie Goes Too Far) -Air Date: 01-27-1973

55 (Class Reunion) -Air Date: 02-10-1973

56 (Hot Watch) -Air Date: 02-17-1973

57 (Archie is Branded) -Air Date: 02-24-1973

58 Everybody Tells the Truth- )Air Date: 03-03-1973

59 Archie Learns His Lesson-) Air Date: 03-10-1973

60 Gloria, the Victim -Air Date: 03-17-1973

61 The Battle of the Month – Air Date: 03-24-1973

Above are the highlights of season 1 to season 3 and all episodes

Below is a video of the show’s classic theme song: