Seinfeld – The Show About Nothing

The Amazing Show About Nothing. Seinfeld is a TV sitcom that started in 1989 and had a 9 year run till 1998. During this period, 9 complete seasons were produced and released, earning a total of 10 Emmy awards. The American TV show was created by Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, a stand-up comedian and a comedy writer respectively. The comedy TV show is predominantly set up in an apartment building in New York City, on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. This serves as the residence of the main cast, Jerry Seinfeld. This apartment is frequently visited by Jerry’s close friends, particularly Jerry’s ex-girlfriend and current friend Elaine Benes (Julia Louis), a wacky neighbor from across the hall Cosmo Kramer (Michael Richards) and Jerry’s best friend from high school George Costanza (Jason Alexander). These pack of four friends makes up the main cast.

Seinfeld was the first of its kind sitcom to revolve around relationships between friends who had no family or work-related ties and who remained close till the end of the series. Seinfeld, ‘The Story about nothing’, gained its common nickname because all its episodes are all about mundane events of the everyday life in the city. The pack of four friends tends to find trouble everywhere they go. Whether in Jerry’s apartment or at the corner dinner, these group of friends is either over-analyzing, complaining or obsessing about something or someone’s behavior.

This sitcom doesn’t follow a pattern as its predecessors did. Instead, the comedy show is split into plot strands that intertwine once in a while to bring out the creator’s vision. In spite of the delightfully appealing arguments and quarrels, the foursome always unintentionally finds a way to ward off any interlopers and eventually sticking together. I believe that it is the art of brilliantly converting ‘nothing’ into something remarkable that the millions of Seinfeld viewers fell for.

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