The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead “is a revolutionary and outstanding series that have bowed to a record-breaking viewership of 17.3 million people. One incredible aspect of the series is that it consistently grows in audience and the recent season 5 had 1.2 more viewers that the previous season. The movie uses a combination or zombies and horror to take viewers through an excoriating ride of a story.

Reasons Why ‘The Walking Dead‘ is So Popular

  • It’s not about the zombies-The film is set in a unique post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world that introduces viewers to a new and entertaining world. The movie focuses on how humans react once their humanity is stripped off them. The show is terrifying yet intriguing keeping a viewer entertained.
  • Characters- While “The Walking Dead “main actors have not become big names they work together to bring out a show that is over the top. The characters are covered in dirt making their faces invisible. Nonetheless, the characters are strong and manage to intrigue viewers with their sympathy for humanity. Though the characters blend into a pack their virtues and strength is quite visible.
  • The show evolves- Another reason why “The Walking Dead” is so popular is because the story evolves. The show started on a high momentum in season 1 and though season2 and 3 were quite standard, season 4 and 5 took viewers to a whole new world of first class movie experience. This is one of the best creatively written show of all time.
  • Unpredictable- Another reason the show is show has such a strong fan-base is because it is unpredictable. The show manages to tell a different story even when the stakes are high giving viewers an incredible and unique viewing experience.
  • Credibility- While zombies do not exist in real life, the show makes you believe that they could. While watching the show the story does not seem far from the truth. Rather than focusing on horror it focuses on humanity and introduces a zombie apocalypse tale that is easy to relate.

Here is a brief look at the cast of “The Walking Dead” – Then and Now: